9 Mini Habits You Should Apply In Your Daily Routine

9 Mini Habits You Should Apply In Your Daily Routine

Changing a habit is so tricky. It often takes three weeks or tons of will power, but somehow all practices are not equal, like sleeping on time is more comfortable than doing exercise. But there are small habits which not take much effort but significantly can improve our life. We should make it part of our life. We mostly try to make big habits, but mini habits, smaller habits can make bigger results.

Ask multiple whys

ask multiple why
Why I should do this?

Whenever I have to make a decision, I have to ask why? Like, if you want to become a millionaire, why you want to become a millionaire. Probably you want a luxury car, a home and all the fancy things the rich people have in their lives. Again why you wish to have all those things because you wanted to be admired people respect you, you want to be a person people willing to spend time with after asking 2nd why you got an answer that you do not only want money but social acceptance. The thing that happened here is you got multiple answers why you do a job or not. It will provide you a broader perspective of your own decisions and make you more efficient.

Apologize whenever you’re wrong

apologize whenever you are wrong
I’ve wrong

Some people think that ignoring their mistakes & trying to prior perfect people will respect them, also some believe that admitting their mistakes will make them inferior somehow, but that’s not true. If you neglect, it does not mean people don’t realize it. Also, we sometimes make it a problem of self-respect. Remember, “Ego is enemy.” People always love those persons who admit their faults. Just because of their little actions, they get respect not only in their jargon but also outside the community. So, be humble and give value to the other’s point of view.

Make a to-do list on paper

to do list paper
Sticky Notes

Having a paper to-do list is an essential tool for scheduling your day. Humans are good at remembering emotions and places but terrible at lists. But don’t have a to-do list on your computer or smartphone because we use the same smartphone for multiple things like social media, news, videos & other stuff of entertainment. Whenever you unlock your phone to check out the list, you are distracted towards other things. So, a simple piece of paper is the right choice. Also, at the end of the day, when you tick off the things you’ve done, it gives you a feeling of fulfillment. And you have done something meaningful.

Think before you act

think before act

How many times you say something and regret it? That’s why relationships often break, and friendship gets spoil. It’s usual to some extent because our brain avoids thinking at all and find shortcuts. But it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Your thinking is on your control, and you are the pilot of your brain.

Never skip a morning jog

never skip morning jog
Run. Run. Run!

Most people hate jogging and found it a tiresome task. But again, it is the first accomplishment of your day. Even if you jog for just 15 mins, you get better results over the period. Also, it provides you a feeling of accomplishment as well and makes you excited about your day.

Meditate when you get lazy

Breathe in. Breathe out.

When the battery of your body goes down, your body doesn’t allow you to do anything, even the most manageable tasks. So, it is the best time to relax and spent quality time with your self. You don’t need to meditate for hours. Just sit aside from distractions and set a timer for 3 – 5 mins. After doing this exercise, you feel productive and energized.

Always dress well

I’m feeling confident.

Don’t people judge how you look, but how your personality? The dressing is so essential in personality grooming. Also, when you wear well, your mind gets a signal to remain active and being present in that moment. There is one more thing you feel lazy on holidays just because you don’t dress and it gives a feeling of laziness. So, try it before you get lazy. 😉

Move yourself

With the development of society and technology, we became limited just for a desk. When we don’t move, the blood does not circulate in the organs of the body. So, whenever you get a chance while working, do a little walk or stand out from your desk. That’s why morning jog is essential.

Never stay dehydrated

Water is life. We drink coffee, cocktails, and soft drinks. But these things can’t be a substitute for water. The 75% body made up of water. When you are dehydrated, the brains start working inefficiently. Some studies show that the brain shrinks when it does not consume enough water. A dehydrated brain works much harder than a hydrated brain.


Our habits make us or break us. Almost 40% we do are not our decisions but our practices. Don’t try to implement all these mini habits at once. Instead, try one pattern at a time then move to the next one. Write your comment below which habits you are going to implement in your life and also mention the good habits you already have. Thanks for reading.


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