Dealing With Social Anxiety-Support Tips For You

Dealing With Social Anxiety-Support Tips For You

How to deal with social anxiety?

Social anxiety is ruining my life

Social anxiety is ruining my life

People scared of talking to a person or get confused in front of people just because they think that people are going to make fun of them. But in reality, the damn care about. We have some unreal expectations in our lives like if I speak in front of a gathering, my voice is not so sweet & I got adverse reactions from the people. That’s the way our mind think & execute things. What we have to do is accept our weakness & when we accept that our mind starts solutions for the problem.

Tips to overcome social anxiety.

Face yourself

Face yourself

Most of the time, we try to escape from ourselves & ignore self-being. “if you can face yourself, you can face the world.” But the question here is how to face yourself? Facing yourself means of not just pass the time. But to find the proper way to tackle the situation. Open the camera in your smartphone & start video of the front cam. Say anything in the footage, anything just introduction of yourself, about your job or anything else. Don’t be scared. It is your phone. No one is watching you except Big Brothers! Just Kidding! Say to yourself what maximum bad will happen I make a wrong video. So, I will make it again. Try this practical tip now and let me know what’s the outcome of this. You feel more confident, energetic & with the original form of you. You can also do this practice in front of the mirror, but you are unable to watch it again. Also, when you watch the video of your own, you analyze your weak & strength points in communication. Before moving to the next, Try this, NOW! You will be amazed.

Social anxiety support groups.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

–Helen Keller
Social anxiety support groups

Sometimes a man is unable to do something, but in a community or group, he/she feel secure and has a will to do work. When the person meets or interacts with the people of his mind, he feels confident. The feeling of miserable is gone because he is not alone with this depression or anxiety. In a community, you meet with the people having interests like you; you learn the art of communication. Someone may have the same college from where you graduated.

How group therapy help manage social anxiety and social disorder?

CBT groups are useful as a way to develop Cognitive Behavioural approaches to people who struggle with Social disorder. These groups tend to be time-limited to a certain number of sessions, have particular homework tasks, and use the interactions in the group to help people learn and utilize skills to handle their anxiety.

How to help someone with social anxiety.

Distraction techniques

Distraction techniques

Distraction is terrible, but it can be useful if we use it wisely for our benefits. Let’s talk about some beneficial uses of distractions. Watch a TV show to divert mental situation. Because most of the time, we are addicted to our anxieties and forget real life. So, this little method can change your mind.

Be a shoulder

We ignore in our surroundings someone is seeking our attention. Giving someone hope can be beneficial for the person. Your one word, sentence, or a hug can give someone confidence we can’t imagine. Always be supportive of the people around you and also for those who are suffering from social anxiety in their lives.

Jobs for people suffering from social anxiety

Jobs for people suffering from social anxiety
Job for a special one.

Employment is the best or the worst part of our life. It gives us money, growth & the most important thing. It provides us with a community to make friends learn from others & to inspire others. Most people feel frustrated because they don’t have a platform to interact with someone & share their daily routines & do chit-chat with them. At the start, it is normal, but after that, it can become dangerous for their mental & physical health. So, here are some lists of social anxiety jobs given below.

  1. Writer
  2. Artist
  3. Programming
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Accountant


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