My Daily Routine To Have A Productive Day.

My Daily Routine To Have A Productive Day.

A well organized and well managed day leads to a successful life. Successful people say tell me your daily routine I will show your future. 

How he or she can know my future? Is it really possible? Yes, it is. We think that success is a game of fate and luck. But it is a framework and how you respond to your life. You realize when you spent your day in activities that move you towards your goals, you are likely to have more inner satisfaction. Instead of just doing to work done. Here are some fantastic and practical things to have a productive day.

No Social Media Before Lunch

using smartphone
Gitl using smartphone.

If I say no digital devices before lunch. It would be no doubt that this only habit makes my day more efficient and productive. At the start of this year, I made a challenge for me. I will no longer use my mobile phone before lunch. My morning routine is I get up at 09:00, then after freshening up, I drink water to restore the dehydration over the night. Then I read Almost 30 pages of non-fiction or self-help book. After that, I eat breakfast and move to my work, and don’t use social media before lunch.

Also, I don’t check my phone until if there are calls and text. After implementing this technique, I measured that Now my days are more productive, and I have more energy to focus on my work.

Note: Don’t Turn on wi-fi or mobile data if it is possible.

So, make a deadline for yourself that I will don’t use my phone or social media before 12:00 or something you know better for yourself. I assure you I will help out.

Morning Stretch Routine


Early to sleep and soon to get up makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. It’s true, but if you wake up early and don’t stretch your body. It would difficult for you to motivate yourself for work because when you exercise in the mori=ning, your blood circulates in your body and pumps the maximum amount to the brain. That’s how the functioning of the brain works properly. That’s why every fitness coach or mentor says to make a morning stretch routine.

If you are not a gym person, you don’t need it too. You have to make a few situps push-ups and a half an hour walk or jog if you can. After implementing this routine, you feel the power in yourself and passionate about your work.

Set Goals

“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”

― Robin Sharma

Goals are the key to lock files of success. Success is the process of accomplishing one target to another with consistency. Goals are the only things that gave us motivation when we are obsessed. 

Every time you make a tick on your completed task, it gives you inner joy and a feel of goodness.

These goals you make will be short and time-bound. 

For example, the goals of a day include:

  • Don’t use a mobile before lunch. 
  • Read something valuable
  • Write a journal
  • Exercise only 15 min.
  • Use my energy in beneficial tasks

Don’t Multitask

dont multitask
One task at a time.

Never ever never. Multitasking is good but only for computers and machines. We are humans; we are made to do one job at a time. If you do two tasks at the same time, you can’t get either one successfully accomplished. When we do multiple tasks at a time, we dive the focusing power and end up just wasting time. For example, if you have to go to a theme park but you also wanted to watch a movie. You are moving towards theme park, but then you change direction towards theater then theme park. At last, you are unable to enjoy the single one lace. Because you do not define where you have to go.

In opposite to this, if you have a goal and a specific job to do. You put your full mental and physical capabilities to that job done with your best potential.

Moltitaks quotes.

Reward Yourself

reward yourself you deserve it

Getting a promotion is very surprising. But it could be possible after a certain period. What if you reward yourself daily? 

It’s amazing. 

How is it possible?

You set a daily goal for yourself, you completed it. But then. If you don’t reward yourself, you will no longer to accomplish it again because of your mind’s nothing after putting effort in a task. It Wants some entertainment and a feeling of relaxation. 

How does the reward system work for you?

If your goal is to make $$$ this year and you got it. But then. You have to define what I do after this. I will go and travel to 3 countries this year. That’s how your mind gets triggered by affirmative action.

Here is some reward you can make for yourself:

  • I will watch Netflix after the remaining tasks.
  • I will go on a road trip with my family after this work full week.
  • I will drink energy shake after the workout.
  • I will do the work of my choice after 08:00 PM.
  • I will buy a dress for myself after the work month.

These tips will help out to make your day productive. Comment below which advice you think will help you or you already doing it. If you have someone else, also mention it.


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