Overcoming Procrastination 6 AMAZING TIPS

Overcoming Procrastination 6 AMAZING TIPS


If the time you tried to do something but laziness at its peak & you don’t have enough desire to do the task. So here is the thing to do “Two Crappy Pages Per Day” OBJECT IN MOTION STAYS IN MOTION for TWO minutes, Workout for THREE minutes.

You do the thing less but do as usual it will become a habit and then routine at last you get benefits of doing little. Also, doing something is better than doing nothing.


You’re anxious is because you’re procrastinating. GUILT. Progress is addicting. Feels AMAZING. (my theory: why people play video games — they make fake progress) But they still play again & again. So what if you use the time to make real progress. Little by little, step by step, create a vast fortune. As Robin Sharma said, “Small tasks when done with consistency lead to stunning results.”


A to-do list is good, but making a not to-do-list will be better. You define which things caused my distraction. Just 5 min before making a to-do list ask these two questions to yourself: Are your distractions?” should you STOP doing?”. Then write it down. And say to yourself oh these are the things which kill my creativity and cause Overcoming procrastination. Let’s say you eat a healthy diet, but you don’t get healthy. The reason is you do not measure the unhealthy food you’re eating.


By little” quote buddha.. like a water pot is filled with drops of water Problem with goals: “where do you want to be?” can say anything… It doesn’t matter! Focus on the NOW and steps to get there! More likely to be successful. Also heard that if you have to eat an elephant, what should you do? One bite at a time. Right! So when you break down your goals into pieces, you make things happen rationally. For example, if you want to read a book in one-week & it has 300 pages. How you read it in a week? 300/7 = 42.5, almost if you read just 43 pages a day, you will end up finishing a book in only seven days.

Parkinson’s Law!

Swell to time allotted. Always Set a deadline! Two student groups write three papers in 30 days. Group A turn in whenever they want. Group B strict weekly deadlines. Ones in group B did WAY better than group A! Because they had a tight deadline for submitting the work. A smartphone is the biggest productivity tool if you use it in its way. When you want to do anything, set a timer for 30 or 45. Studies show that when you set a deadline, your mind feels pressure and now said its time to get things done.

Audit yourself

20 Min breakdown of day for a week. The audit of your time will be a good practice. Write the things you’ve done in the last 24 hours then analyze which are best for you & against you. Then cut off the unhelpful stuff and promise to yourself that it will not happen again. Otherwise, I pay plenty.


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