The Truth Why I Waste So Much Time Everybody Should Know

The Truth Why I Waste So Much Time Everybody Should Know

“You’ve realized the most time you spent on idle task later. You will feel more regret about that”.

And you said to yourself if I ve this or that?

Have you ever questioned yourself why I waste so much time? If the answer is no, the reason is that you don’t define what you want to do with your life.

The most common reason for people why they waste their time is because they lack vision & goal in their life. They don’t know what they want in their life & carrier. They are too much distracted by their environment & social media. Moreover, they never think about their mistakes. As the motivational speaker, Robin Sharma said: “An addiction to distraction is that. Things like this time are the most valuable asset in our lives & it can’t be replaced. Once it went, this will never come again.

Tips to stop time-wasting:

If you want to be more productive & wish that every second of your life spent purposefully. So, organize your life in a direction. Here are some tips for hosting experience.

Value your Time.

value your time
Hourglass Sand Timer.

It is an essential thing in our life. Once we lose it, it will never come again. Money can buy things but can’t buy time. It is the precious asset we have in our lives. Start valuing your time. Because when we value something, it becomes essential for us & we care that before it leaves us. Make a chart which contains four quadrants and write in the fir quadrant write the tasks which are essential & urgent in the next only important than not essential but urgent at last not critical, not necessary. When you use this sheet for your time management, it clear which thing is crucial and which not.

Make a to-do list.

to do list
To Do List

Think on paper write the daily tasks you wanted to complete on that day. At the start, write every assignment then cut the jobs which add no value in your life or irrelevant to your work. Because doing the work doesn’t create success doing the right things will bring some change in life. It is something most of us ignored, but it has a fantastic job. Planning is making the future now. 

Limit your distraction.

limit your distraction
Girl using smartphone.

In the world of entertainment, it became more challenging to be focus on work. And it became more difficult with the bad habits of using social media. Let’s have a question with yourself? What do you do just before sleeping or after waking up? The answer is checking your phones. Right! So, have you noticed if you don’t do at some time, it will make you creative and energetic? Here is the practical thing to do while you are making your to-do list write the time when you use your phone before starting work or after. Obviously, after because you waste your energy at the start & do less efficient work. Or no phone before breakfast. Practice it for days; you will get good results soon.

Say Bye to Laziness.

bye to laziness
Girl is Lazy.

The most common reason we procrastinate is laziness. But this laziness will cost you more than anything else in your life. But the question is how to overcome procrastination? The simple answer is exercise. When we exercise, our blood flow increases and in studies showed that physical exercising in the morning would effect as long for 19 hours — just moving your body after waking up cause a dramatic effect on your health and work.

Be proactive.

Man is jumping

Stephen Covey, in his best-selling book 7 habits of highly successful people, says the most successful people have the habit of being active. They are one step forward than the world. If they had the flight tomorrow, they set up their bag pack before the night to avoid the last-minute hustle. They plan their tasks before someone thinks. So, think before doing actual work it will save your time & energy.

Move with the needle.

Clock Is Ticking.

Yes, this is the best tip ever you find. Doing tasks according to the moving needle can bring productivity & self-discipline in your life. For example, if you have to write an email, set a goal to write in 10 minutes & try to complete it at that time. When you’ve done this, you realize it will make you more efficient & reduce your time-wasting.

Still, I waste so much time? Go and analyze yourself, how can you get rid of it!


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