Things To Write About When Nothing Comes In My Mind

Things To Write About When Nothing Comes In My Mind

Do you write content for your audience, but now you don’t know what things to write about? Which topic do you choose? What would the niche be? You are confused, or you are in writer’s block. In this article, here are some useful, practical tips for you to write on and overcome your writing procrastination.

10 Cool Things To Write About

Reinvent your writing.

Your writing is good, but it becomes your previous work. Now you have a better view of the world, and you are more aware. So, pick up the previous topic and write what you learn more about the subject. And what is the difference between the past and now?

Get an idea from a movie.

You watch movies and series it takes your time. But what you get from it. Grab an idea from it. Please write what you learn from it. Could you write a review of it? Also, write the pros and cons of it.

Pick a random thing.

A glass, A clock, or a pet. What comes in your mind when you the item. Write it, it is your real thought. When you read it later, amazed to see what you think when you have no filters on yourself.

Steal from your competitor.

Your competitor is mind blowing you love that, but you cant copy them. Here you cant copy but can reinvent it. Make the upgraded version of their product. You did not copy the buy you innovated and bring more revolution.

A book is a gift.

I love reading, do you? A Non-fiction book contains almost 70,000 words. How you can convert them into a brief summary that anyone can read and understand the core message. It is a fantastic skill. Also, you learn how to teach great things shortly.

Use your senses.

Close your eyes what came to the first thing in your head. How you feel your breath. Calmness, peace inside you. The wind blows. Chirping of birds. Feel it absorb it write it.

Focus on noise.

Have you ever experience you are in a noisy place like a metro station or public area. How you maintain your focus on your work when you have no other option to do. How it can help someone else who is passing out the same situation.

Suffer in a situation.

In our lives, we experience a terrible situation. After we come out of it, realizing that it was just one step far from my action. There is complexity in my head, not in a thing. Your experiences are your assets. You have to write these. That’s many noticeable influencers showcase it, and people love to listen to them.

Community is a marketplace.

There are people there is a market. But are you use the opportunity for yourself and for the betterment of society. A community is the best place that gives you hope and wisdom, and courage for the future. You must serve your community as a market. Ask what they like to read and write, then get feedback from them. They help out you to make your write better.

Now is history.

History is the past. That’s true, but at a time it is Now. The moment you live in become a past at some time. So, take it as an opportunity and write your thoughts and events. So, later when you read it, you realize it was Now, it became a master piece sometimes.


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